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No more manual invoice processing. Discover how much time you save when all your data are entered automatically. We have the missing piece of the puzzle that will enable you to quickly and securely link your customers' systems to Yuki smart bookkeeping software.

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Customised software links

You may well be happy with your systems, but why don't they fit together? We have specialists who can link any conceivable systems. Whether you're talking cash registers or telephones, we always have a solution. Contact us for customised links.

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Why Duopact?

Because links provide simplicity

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19 oktober 2021

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1. Convenience

Never manually enter an invoice again. With a simple link, all data are sent quickly and automatically to your bookkeeping software.

2. Support

We will make sure that your link stays linked. Our experts know all about the latest updates and are always there for you.

3. Cost-saving

No more hours wasted entering invoices. One link ensures that they are sent automatically, securely and correctly to your bookkeeping system.

About us

No more old-fashioned data entry

Now you no longer need to enter each invoice manually. We develop simple, secure links between any system generating invoices and Yuki smart bookkeeping software. So you no longer have to concern yourself with time-consuming activities like data entry. Wouldn't you prefer to focus on business that is really important?

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