About us

Who we are and what we do

Who we are

Specialists in linking

We are Duopact. We were born out of the urge to support entrepreneurs and their businesses with smart technology. Why enter invoices or manually exchange data between systems in the old-fashioned, time-consuming way?

With our links, you can get back to focusing on the business that really matters. We have broad knowledge of your sector and focus on always finding the best solution.

What we do

Our links earn you money

We have the missing piece of the puzzle between your customers' systems and Yuki smart bookkeeping software. We also supply custom-made solutions for many other systems. Our specialists always have a solution.

Our links always earn you money. You have more time for business, save on staff costs and can say goodbye to complicated spreadsheets and interim solutions. We provide a secure, fast link and always keep your solution up-to-date.